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IPv6 Address Monitoring Tool

ipv6mon is a tool for monitoring IPv6 address usage on a local network. It is meant to be particularly useful in networks that employ IPv6 Stateless Address Auto-Configuration (as opposed to DHCPv6), where address assignment is decentralized and there is no central server that records which IPv6 addresses have been assigned to which nodes during which period of time. ipv6mon employs active probing to discover IPv6 addresses in use, and determine whether such addresses remain active.
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How to get someones IP Address using an Image

Even though the title is different from the video name this title i gave on securitytube is a legit name for it as we are using a image to phish victims to view an image to get there IP Address…

In this video i show you how to get someones IP Address using an image…
You need a host to host the 3 images on make changes to the .htaccess file by replace the root.jpg and me.jpg with the names of the images you will be using to get people to go look at.
a sadly i won’t post the link to the download if a Moderator wants to add the link to this Description they can the download can be found on the youtube video link in the meantime!
Phishing with an Image